Contour Energy Systems

Longevity. Performance. Reliability.

Reshaping Portable Power

Contour Energy Systems is a leading innovator of advanced battery technologies leveraging materials science breakthroughs and patented manufacturing processes for the development of next-generation primary and rechargeable battery systems.

What's New

May 1, 2013
Contour Energy Systems CFx Primary Cells Offer Longer and Lower Weight for Rugged, Battery-Powered Military Applications

March 11, 2013
Contour Energy Systems Now Selling CFx Cathode Material to World's Lithium Battery Producers

January 24, 2013
Contour Energy Systems Opens R & D Center in Singapore

Your Battery Requirements

Every application has unique portable power requirements. Learn how Contour can meet your specific needs.



Contour's advanced primary battery systems thrive in harsh environments and extreme temperature conditions. Learn more.


Learn how Contour can be the battery lifeline for your medical applications.

Government Defense

Advanced primary battery systems battle hardened to deliver superior mission-critical performance. Learn more.

Portable Electronics

Extended battery life is the number one criteria. Learn how Contour keeps systems running longer.


Contour's advanced battery systems address critical longevity, performance and reliability requirements. Learn more.

Specialty Applications

Optimal power and energy densities. Durable design. Extended service and shelf life. Learn how Contour addresses unique portable power applications.


CFx powder from the advanced processing and materials division. Learn more.